Thursday, August 13, 2009

Todo Sobre Camila

Todo Sobre Camila (All About Camila),is a spanish soap opera , which airs on LTV 9:30 am to 10 am and on MBI 8:30pm to 9pm (repeat) . it is a story of passion in which two men – Alejandro and Eduardo – fall in love with one woman, Camila Montes.

Original Soundtrack "Y Tu Te Vas" by Chayanne.

Camila Montes de Alba is a young, attractive 23-year-old who has inherited her family's sense of style, elegance and power. The love story between Camila and Alejandro will be marked from the beginning of a bet.

Alejandro Novoa Albear, a young brilliant and attractive lawyer burdened by family duties, is the heir of a hotel empire. He thinks that he can only face up to his duties with Camila in his life.

Eduardo Bonfil sets things in motion as the unscrupulous character who bets one million dollars that he will be the first man in Camila's life. But Camila meets Alejandro and in him she finds the love of her life.

Eduardo begins a game of seduction and conquest, and manages to get Camila’s mother to fall into his trap.

A victim of desire and ambition, she ends up turning her daughter over to the arms of the corrupt Eduardo who, to succeed in his plans, does not hold back on expenses.

He gives the young woman a very special ring, that will be Camila’s perdition and that will make her run away and change her life totally.


  1. wats the name of the other soundtrack song apart from y tu tevas

  2. I also need the titles of other soundtracks apart from y tu tevas